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Property services

Blavet Valley, Morbihan, Brittany, France 


This page provides links to property websites as a starting point for finding and pricing property in the Morbihan. There are also links to English speaking firms selling and maintaining property in the area and information on/links to local DIY stores.



For those interested in finding property there are a number of useful French national websites to search for properties:


Notaires de France


When searching these sites note that Morbihan is department 56 and the upper Blavet valley is largely in the Pontivy region.

The Notaires of Morbihan also have a site.

Local property agents include:

Preference Immobiliere at Baud

Agence Immobiliere du Blavet at Languidic

Other property services:

Plumbing service: Triskel Plomberie

Business registration check - click here

Local DIY/bricolage stores


Brico Pro/ Brico Baud (from N24 on the right driving into Baud) now re-opened after a fire in 2012

Mr Bricolage at Pontivy (on by-pass and route de Noyal Pontivy, the store has recently been expanded) & Lanester www.mr-bricolage.fr

Bricomarché at Pontivy (route de Mur de Bretagne), Hennebont and Lorient www.bricomarche.com

Castorama at Vannes  www.castorama.fr

Brico Depot at Lorient (DIY warehouse sister company of Castorama)

Leroy Merlin  nr Lorient www.leroymerlin.fr

Lapeyre at Lorient www.lapeyre.fr

PointP at Locmine and Pontivy www.pointp.fr

Swimming pool suppliers

Hydramath at Languidic (on N24) and Vannes  www.hydrosud-direct.com

Piscines JMS at Baud (from N24 on the right driving into Baud) http:/www.esprit-piscine.fr

Piscines Desjoyaux at Guidel and Theix   www.desjoyaux.fr

Local furniture stores

Sésame at Pontivy (Parc d'Activités, Pontivy South), furniture, white goods and home electrical appliances - see link

Public utilites

EDF/GDF, SAUR, France Telecom, La Poste, SNCF see "links" page for contacts/information

WiFi Hotspots

Location of WiFi hotspots in Morbihan - see link

Blavet Valley, Morbihan, Brittany, France


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Business Registration

Businesses in France are required to be registered (apart from small scale letting of gîtes) and usually these will be identified by "siret" numbers.  Checking these registrations will provide some assurance that the business is registered for the service offered and also confirm that the number tallies with the business address. Legitimate businesses encourage people to seek references. Check business registrations, note the number then, in the form following in the link, enter the first 9 digits of the siret no. in the box marked "Numero siren" - click here .